In close cooperation with our customers, we develop tailor made solutions to improve and standardise
high quality flour – based on the following ingredients.

flour correctors

  • enzyme systems
  • amylases
  • hemicellulases
  • oxidases
  • proteases
  • lipases
  • oxidising agents
    • ascorbic acid
    • azodicarbonamide
    • calcium peroxide
  • flour bleaching agents
  • reducing agents

baking raw materials

  • emulsifiers
  • malt flour
  • soya flour
  • wheat gluten

flour fortification

  • vitamin premixes
  • single vitamins

technical service

  • baking trials
  • laboratory equipment
  • milling machines

Product list – Passion for flour


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Drum Mixer – Made in Germany

Equipment for the preparation of flour additive mixes can be offered. The displayed drum mixer has a capacity of 2 x 200 liters which can prepare approximately 2 x 125 kg mixes. All parts, which come in the contact with the product are made of stainless steel. The mixer is made in Germany. Please contact us for further information.