16th TUSAF Congress and Exhibition is postponed

Postponed Stand #13 (Floor plan)
Antalya, Titanic Mardan Palace

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Meet us on IAOM Latin American Region 2020

4.-6. February 2020; Stand #23 (Floor plan)
Panama City, Panama


Meet us on IAOM MEA 2019

3.-6. November 2019
Stand #G4
(Floor plan)
Dubai, UAE




HALAL Certificate for edge foods products


certified our products produced in our
factory Henstedt-Ulzburg to be HALAL.



Who we are

The global economy does not stop in the milling industry. Today more then ever, wheat markets do not only show fast ups and downs in price but the origins of wheat are also changing.

New exporting countries add their variety of wheats to the global markets, while others disappear because those countries’ own demand rises or changing weather conditions make exporting impossible. Increasing competition on the flour markets and customers’ awareness regarding flour quality leads to the conclusion that standard high-quality flour is needed more than ever and the use of additives is becoming essential in a modern milling industry.

This development affects the usage of additives and makes them indispensable. While in the past mainly common basic products were used, nowadays tailor-made specialised solutions for millers are available. To achieve an optimised flour treatment, experience is the main factor.

With more than 40 years of experience in both the milling industry and the field of flour treatment, edge-foods is able to offer this service to its customers.

Our aim is to be a reliable partner to the miller. With worldwide travel over decades, baking trials in dozens of countries and good contacts to millers around the world, edge-foods offers this service.

Meet us on TUSAF 2019

Stand 19 / floorplan

25. – 28. April 2019
Antalya, Turkey


Der türkische Präsident der Müllereivereinigung bei der edge foods GmbH